“The most successful collaborations are among creative people who know their strengths and also appreciate the skills of the other partners. I’m fortunate to have skills in both the creative and practical sides, so am able to guide clients through the stages from design to completion.

Frequently I’m asked to be the lead designer of custom pieces for a space. I’m given only the simplest verbal request or a rough drawing. The creative process starts. I pull out my pencils. The process of hand-sketching is one of my most effective communication tools. I submit multiple ideas to my clients, hear reactions, and continue sketching with the back-and-forth process leading to a concept I can then develop and build. During this process I make recommendations for materials, and I might push the project in new and interesting directions that weren’t previously considered.

If I work on a project where there is another lead designer, then they may set the direction of the creative process, and provide something more concrete to respond to. Using my experience and knowledge of construction techniques, I am able to add a level of detail and sensitivity which results in a highly resolved design. My ultimate goal is to produce work that exceeds expectation.”
– Jack Kearney