Jack Kearney founded Company K in 1996 after working for design and architecture firms in New York, San Francisco and Seattle. He holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design’s Department of Industrial Design, as well as a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Design from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Since the mid-1980s, Jack has led or collaborated on projects that involve industrial and graphic design, architecture and commercial interiors, retail stores, restaurant and nightclub interiors, and custom furniture, lighting and accessories design.

Jack leads Company K with a philosophy still prevalent in Italy, where he was inspired as a student. This tradition is based on a belief that an industrial designer not only be creative, but also possess the hands-on knowledge of materials and construction techniques necessary to make the final product successful. This integrated approach – along with Jack’s passion for his work – is what sets him apart. Jack and Company K deliver timeless design that is authentic from conception to completion.

Company K is an Industrial Design Firm Specializing in Custom Furniture, Lighting, Interiors, Architectural Elements and Accessories.

Company K collaborates with architects, interior designers and skilled craftsmen on pieces ranging in scale from massive steel doors to delicately detailed hardware. Our spare and elegant designs incorporate metal, wood, stone, glass, fabric and leather. We use an exacting and multi-disciplined approach that unites the conceptual with the practical, and art with craft. We understand how to merge material reality with our client’s vision to achieve refined simplicity, subtle luxury and unsurpassed quality.

Company K welcomes unusual and risky projects, and excels at solving design challenges. We pay attention to detail and, more importantly, we execute and deliver it. Our customers feel, see, and ultimately enjoy living with the result of this careful attention.


• Custom design
• Execution of client design
• Fabrication in our fully equipped shop
• Installation and integration


• Private residences
• Corporate offices
• Commercial interiors
• Yachts and other unconventional spaces
• Furniture, lighting and accessories


The blend of applied art, architecture and engineering to create solutions for specific design needs and interests.